JD Ramsey is the CEO and founder of Kingdom Call Ministries. In 2006 he had a radical encounter with Jesus Christ that forever changed his life. In an instant he was totally delivered from years of drug addiction by the power of God. Set free and set on fire for Jesus Christ JD began to pursue the things of heaven with the same burning passion he once pursued the things of the hell. In 2008 the call to the ministry came to him. Six months after answering the call a freak logging accident almost claimed his life. Miraculously he survived and was raised up almost unscathed from the meeting with death. Out of his brokenness God began to reveal to JD how to step over into the supernatural. And what the enemy attempted to destroy him with instead birthed the apostolic ministry he now carries. Even though JD has ministered internationally he is primarily focused on reaching the people of America with the pure gospel of Jesus Christ backed by the raw power of the Holy Spirit. JD is a prophetic voice whom God has raised up these last days to declare the soon coming of Jesus Christ and to call all men to repentance. Thousands have been saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in the meetings that JD has held in churches, auditoriums, and tents across America. Many documented healings, notable miracles, and supernatural deliverances have been reported by men, women, and children who have come to his meeting. JD burns to see people experience the glory of God and loves watching people be set free by the anointing of The Lord Jesus Christ. He and his beautiful wife Misty who is an incredible vocalist and worship leader live in Central Arkansas.


The Last Great Awakening is the mighty move of God that is happening right now.  There have been Great Awakenings before but truly all nations are being shaken before the desire of the nations, The Lord Jesus Christ returns to fill the earth with His glory and reign as king of kings and lord of lords.  “Haggai 2:6”.  This is The Last Great Awakening meaning that there will not be another. The Father in Heaven is pouring out His Spirit upon this generation to bring all to repentance and faith in His Son Jesus Christ before His coming and the soon judgement of this world.  Kingdom Call Ministries is right at the forefront of this move of God in the United States.  In 2013 The Holy Spirit started bringing together different ministries to work in the evangelistic tent meetings Kingdom Call holds.  J. D. Ramsey and David Godat teamed up for a scheduled three week tent meeting in Fairview Alabama that May which turned into a four month fire fall of God’s glory that resulted in hundreds if not thousands of salvations, deliverances, miraculous healings, and an entire area being shaken by the power of God.  The meetings that J. D. and David hold together under tents are called Mercy Meetings and the group of people who work with them make up The Last Great Awakening team.  The Last Great Awakening team is made up of men and women who have one thing in common, a burning heart to see this generation shaken by the Book of Acts power of the Holy Spirit.  



“No Holds Bar”
October 18th-21st






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